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Sauna Massage Velform price in pakistan call 03125577222

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    SAUNA MASSAGE VELFORM BELT IN PAKISTAN CONTACT NUMBER AVAILABLE BUY ONLINE WITH BEST PRICE & REVIEWS FOR ORDER BOOKING PLEASE CONTACT US 0312-5577222, 0336-5117222.......rnSauna Massage Velform Belt in Pakistan - Sauna Massage Velform Slimming Belt 2in1 Body MassagernSauna Massage Velform:rnPay special attention to the massage belt used in room temperature,pls don't try to use air conditioners to increase its effect.

    In that case, your body won't be able to feel belt caused by temperature change effect.rnIt is recommended to use Massage belt to drink some hot drinks,like milk, tea and coffee.Pls don't drink cold drink; Do not use immediately after the meal, it is suggested that in at least 2 hours after a meal after use.rnIn order to get better effect, suggest you using 30 minutes each time ; Don't worry about some red in the skin,that is the normal reaction caused by continuous heating, and will disappear automatically after one hour.rnSauna Massage Velform Function:rnBefore using the massage belt,must make sure you’re in a comfortable condition, can be lied down or standing).rnHelp eliminating the seven excess body fat parts,like back, arms, waist, abdomen, buttocks,thigh calf.rnA system of vigorous elliptic oscillating motions slims each different part of the body Slims Abdomen area, Shoulders, Thighs, Back, Calf Provides 3 heat levels to help promote blood circulationrnPromote gastrointestinal peristalsis, help clean up the intestines waste, improve constipation, effectively block grease at the same time, to achieve the effect of detoxification, slimming and beauty.rnTighten the flabby skin layer, make skin more exquisite and elastic.rn rn rn rn rnPromote the blood circulation, clean up the fat in the blood vessels. rnComfort neurasthenia and relieve psychentonia. rnPhysical therapy care reject fat, and treat the chronic diseases. rnUsing the sauna massage belt on tied up the body part which you want to be massaged, pay attention to don't ruffle the belt, and do not tied too tight. rnPay attention to inspect temperature setup, and the Switch on the “Closed” state rnPlugged in power, and setup the temperature to the largest Valve, it begins to heating soon, five minutes later, that temperature adjust to your suitable temperature. rnAfter finished, using towel wipe up the sweat on the body, then go to wash,dining or cold drinking after ten minutes’ rest. rnrnUsing the Sauna Massage Velform Belt Correctly:rnMost people that had experience with the Sauna Massage Velform Belt said that it really didn't work out for them and it didn't really do anything.

    Well, if you read the instructions very carefully it'll work.

    Once you put the belt on, set the heat to high, this is just to get the heat up and running.

    When you feel that the heat is up, lower the heat down to a medium.

    Lower it down to where you don't burn yourself and cause redness to your skin.

    Keep it on for more than an hour, and drink water.

    Think of it like this, imagine an un-fried steak.

    It's mass is big, oily, and fatty (your tummy).

    But when you fry the steak it shrinks, because the oil and fats had sweat out from the heat.

    If you fry the steak at high tempurature, you'll burn the steak (which causes redness and burn pain)! But once you lower the heat til cooked, you come out with a great meal (the new sexy you)!rnFeatures / Benefits:rnCut Unwanted Fat.rn rn rn rn rnLose Unwanted Fat From Abdomen, Waist & Hips. rnResults in Effective Weight Loss. rnImproves Body form. rnEliminates adipose tissue. rnLoose Inches Instantly. rnEase Muscle Pain. rn rn rnPrice=3,000/-PKR rnrnrnIn case of any further queries, or to place an order .rnCall us on: 0312-5577222, 0336-5117222rnrnYou can order us online at rn rnrnrnCash on Delivery available all over Pakistanrn

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